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It’s was another August 10 yesterday, I casted my mind back to the same date in 2013 exactly 4 years ago when I was having a swell time with the Lord in the cool of the night that span till the morning of the next day when the inspiration to write this book dropped in my spirit, today as I celebrate God for helping me to achieve this beginner’s victory, I like to share with you some lessons and inspiration I have gathered from this experience which I have distilled under the following 6P’s.


PROPHECY: The fact that God spoke to you concerning what you are going to do doesn’t mean it is going to be happening instantly. It may have to go through some turbulent times just to build you and your trust for Him who has given you. There are people who died without experiencing what God has said concerning them. God has spoken yea and He cannot lie but you have your role to play.

For me, BECOMING THE BEST STUDENT, BTBS took 3 years to achieve, this informed me that there are words spoken to you that may take some time before it comes to pass. Depending on what they are, some may take longer or lesser, but they usually come to pass, everything you are going through before the manifestation is building you up for it.

I thought by the next year, 2014 I would have completed this project, in reality it didn’t go that way. Instead it added two more years. It would have still delayed more time if I didn’t act forcefully per time. That’s to say you have to work it out. My friend, Jeremiah Buabeng once said that God will open great doors for you but you must have to walk through it yourself.

I like you to understand that the vision is for an appointed time, it may tarry but it surely must come to pass, if you stay strong and never give up because the enemy comes to steal your joy especially when it was words spoken to you directly by the spirit. So your thought is: since it was not a self-motivated thought, then God himself must speed up the manifestation without obstacles.

PREPARATION: For any dream or vision of your life to fully come to fruition, you must never neglect the time of preparation. The attention your product commands is a function of the depth of your preparation. You will produce or portray mediocrity out of what God has said concerning your life if you launch out unprepared. God may have spoken to you but you will make a mess of everything if you don’t give heed to preparation and research.

I had only developed four chapters that day, when I related it to my motivator, he said something to me I considered humiliating at the time, “Common Ignatius, be professional!” first I looked at it, “I’m senior to you, atleast you should observe some courtesy,” this informed me that when you are in desperate need of what a man carries, irrespective of his age, you must humble yourself to get it.

Taking heed to his supposed “sharp rebuke” I embarked on a journey of endless research and improvement on the existing chapters and in the end, the book came out thirteen chapters. Well-polished, researched and packaged for a global consumption. If I had published the same four chapters, yea there would be impact but not as it is getting now.

Don’t tie your mediocrity to God, there is nothing amateur or mediocre about Him, He radiates and exudes excellence. Yes He told you to embark on that cause but He expects you to use your brain. God gave you brain so you can give Him rest. You are co-creator, your work should portray this truth.

Every man who did great things here on earth even Bible characters had their times of preparation. Paul prepared himself before launching out, Jesus prepared himself even as a God in human form. If Jesus did this, my friend wise up, don’t spiritualize everything! Get prepared for the task ahead, for your present strength is too small to handle the weight of what is coming your way, I don’t want you to end up prematurely. Get prepared!

PRODUCT: It may take some time, but your product will surely come to pass. Its appeal is in the prophecy and preparation. If you will be relevant as a product in your endeavor, you must be walking in line with the prophecy concerning your life and continuously preparing yourself. My book by his grace upon publishing, as gained recognition for its inspirational content. I have never given it to any person who told me anything less than a blessing to our generation.

The only skeptical remark I got from someone was the tone I used at some point, and you see my friend, I don’t write to massage your ego, I write to tell you something that will make you uncomfortable to chase your dream and live the life you were meant for. Every product that the heathen naturally gravitate towards is a product of instruction (prophecy) and excellence in delivery and that is creativity from preparation. Your product in life can only be well appreciated when you gain mastery of it such that there can’t be trace of floppiness and mediocrity.

PROFIT: When I talk about this, what comes to your mind is how much have you made in profit from your book so far? I usually laugh when it comes to this and my friend, Kelechi and others know the story. Let me make a point clear here as a writer that when you write, your major goal shouldn’t be for monetary profit, there is something worth more than that. We need money, as a matter of fact, I need it now more than you do, if you have some to spare, kindly ask for my account details, I will be glad to share it with you.

We write first to impact then income follows, when you touch a heart in whatever you do, you can ask for their hand. Don’t reach for any man’s pocket when you have not reach for his heart. If you have been opportune to lay hand on a copy of BTBS, you will know that for anyone whose mind is on profit would never produce such quality for students who are said to be low in cash, but I did that to drive a culture of excellence and God has been faithful.

Recently speaking to an audience in Oka Akoko, in Ondo State, I was telling them the same thing, the people my host told me can’t afford it that I should come with a limited copy end up buying all the double copies I came with and asked for more.

You will profit from your product (ministry, business, career etc.) when you aren’t concerned about how much you will get but how much it can change lives. I know this is far from the conventional way of thinking in business, which I don’t dispute. However, there is always a profit from a product like I am profiting but to measure it first by the amount of money you are getting it’s the wrong way to start.

PROMOTION: You can’t escape promotion from a product that was heavenly inspired and carefully thought out. My book has gain acceptance in almost everywhere it finds itself. I have received calls/messages from different persons on how the book has blessed them and how they have changed into a new person. Usually, when they call it’s always like “Good morning or afternoon sir” depending on the time, “your book change my life, God bless you, you are a gift to this generation!” Do you know how that made me feel?

Here is an example one of them “A very good afternoon to you sir, one of your readers of your book – BECOMING THE BEST STUDENT. A great fire and passion has been ignited in my bosom as I read through your book. I am greatly honoured and privileged to have someone like you still existing in our generation. God willing we shall see someday. Keep up the good works sir.”

Cast your mind back two years ago, nobody knew me as an author of a hardcopy book, I was preparing it but because I hadn’t published it I wasn’t recognized. Let me encourage someone, you may be working as a nobody and you walk past people yet they know not  your capacity or what you are cooking up, just give yourself time, you will beat the records existing in your field as you keep preparing yourself for that kairos moment.

When you achieve something significant, people will do a free advert for you. You won’t have to pay for it, people who your product or service impacted will do it freely for you. Don’t be seeking promotion when you haven’t done anything significant in your life. Promotion is in your product.

Let me also use this opportunity to ask once again that you also help us promote this book, like we are using the PROJECT BTBS to accomplish, every student whether in secondary school or undergraduate, needs it and I need your help if you know any individual, school or organization we can contact for distribution and possibly organize our CAREER CONNECT to connect them back to their destiny’s track.

PRINCIPAL: Rick Warren said “you will never know that God is all you need until He is all you have got” When we try to live life our own way, we usually get disappointed, depressed, dejected, despondent, demoralized, degraded and all of the debilitating D’s you can think of. Every vision requires the instruction and guidance of the giver of such vision.

Any vision that makes you think you can accomplish it yourself is too small and it may not be from God. Every vision requires the provision of the giver, God the principal. There were times I got practically frustrated because of those aforementioned D’s but when I begin to lay it all at His feet, things began to change differently. Stop trying to do it your way, your way is no way. If anything you are pursuing takes you away from fellowship with the principal, such has the capacity to kill you.

Go boldly to Him to tell you what to do. Any vision that can’t fear you to run to God for help is not big enough. God want to do big things with you but He needs your cooperation, your fellowship, your submission without which nothing of worth can be traceable to you. Each time God do something mind-blowing for me, He usually tell me this: I can always do something bigger than this if you can trust me more and depend on me the more. Countless times He has said that to me.


I have been greatly encouraged so far, I know this is just the beginning of greater things to manifest. I haven’t considered myself to have started, there is so much in store to be manifested. There are great things cooking as I trust him the more.

As I begin to drop my pen, I want to make this point clear here that my intent for this is to encourage you to chase the dream you have burning inside that is left to waste and fade away because of inaction. I hate telling people about my accomplishments as many people in my craft had gone past this realm long ago, to sit caroling this is a myopic way to live. I’m forced by virtue of the inspiration of that day and the marching response to carve this out to encourage someone. You will rise my friend!

There is so much He is yet to do with you. Don’t fear, fret or fall as you journey. He will certainly bring to pass those prophecies concerning you. Don’t wait for them to come, go after them, greatness comes only to those who chase after it. If you wait you will waste.  Don’t ever neglect in the open what he revealed in the secret to you.

Keep honing and refining your skills,

Keep trusting Him

Keep depending on Him

Just like Abraham Lincoln said, I will prepare perhaps my chance will come. It will certainly come my friend but don’t allow it meet you unprepared. God has never failed us, He may delay but He will not totally abandon us in this pursuit. Stay strong, stay inspired. God bless you!

About author

Ignatius Onuoha

Ignatius O. Onuoha is a multifaceted and multitalented young man from Nigeria, a chemical engineer by training, a writer, teacher and inspirational speaker by passion. He is the initiator of MTOP NETWORK INTERNATIONAL, a network committed to raising leaders with revolutionary mindset. Thus, encouraging, energizing and empowering them for greatness. He has been committed to developing and empowering especially the youth to use their God-given potentials to fulfill purpose and destiny.

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