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I was never privileged to come from a wealthy background, but I was privileged to make history so far. Perhaps I wouldn’t have done that if I had come from a wealthy home. We don’t have the best of everything but so far we have made the best of everything. We have had our fair share of scorn and ridicules especially in our early days as teens. This ignited a passion to become among the people that matters in the society little wonder I am called Ignatius – Igniting the fire for greatness. Don’t get it twisted I’m still on that journey.

You may have better inspiring and touching story than mine, but if that story doesn’t translate into a better version of influence and transition to the life that inspire others to have hope knowing fully well that if you could succeed, they too can, then it’s not worth it. The family you came out from is the best! You can wish you came from some iconic families, I thought same, but God carefully designed it not only to be born into your family but to change their story.

So if you are not already to silent those errors, I am afraid those errors will silent you. Whatever you fail to deal with will surely deal with you. God strategically placed us in different families because they needed help and He has chosen you for a time like this, WAKE UP my friend and take them to their promise land. The greatest tragedy in life is not to be born in that home, but to leave them like that. You must become the silencer. In the annals of history, let it be made known you pioneered that transition. Become a silencer! God bless you

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2017…we rule.reign.rise!


© Succeeding At Your Risk, April 2017 #41

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Ignatius Onuoha

Ignatius O. Onuoha is a multifaceted and multitalented young man from Nigeria, a chemical engineer by training, a writer, teacher and inspirational speaker by passion. He is the initiator of MTOP NETWORK INTERNATIONAL, a network committed to raising leaders with revolutionary mindset. Thus, encouraging, energizing and empowering them for greatness. He has been committed to developing and empowering especially the youth to use their God-given potentials to fulfill purpose and destiny.

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