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Those who took their place in the global scene where people who became dogged at what they do. They weren’t chickened out by the besetting challenges they went through. All that was in their mind was – this idea I carry inside me must get to the people of my city, state, nation and world at large. This drive made them to become go-getters who surmounted insurmountable challenges such that when you look at them you asked “Are you superhuman?” and they responded “I’m an ordinary human with a super force for global relevance”

The world doesn’t have respect for your physical look until you churn out products that give you respect. It doesn’t matter what color of skin you are or where you grew up from, if you are able to stay on an idea till it sees the light of the day, the world will come to the brightness of your rising irrespective of your physical look. Most great men doesn’t look it, their achievements shape the perceptions of people towards them. I remembered one of my speaking engagements last month, the audience were astonished, they couldn’t match my look with what was coming out of me; a lady couldn’t help but voice it out.

Today, I challenge you, if you want to be a voice in this generation, don’t spend time on your physical look only, and spend more time on your ideas. There are beautiful and handsome people who live in obscurity. Beauty and handsomeness with no direction takes you only to frustration villa. It’s time to come out of your shell. It’s time to work on YOUR idea. Your tool of impact to your world is the idea that springs forth from your area of gifting. It’s God’s idea for you but you are the project manager. If you don’t bring it out, nobody will know such existed. Your idea may be what will standardize and stabilize the societal turbulence. Don’t belittle yourself, you have what it takes to shake this world. Come out of the shell and become a finisher. God bless you.

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Succeeding At Your Risk, October 2016.

About author

Ignatius Onuoha

Ignatius O. Onuoha is a multifaceted and multitalented young man from Nigeria, a chemical engineer by training, a writer, teacher and inspirational speaker by passion. He is the initiator of MTOP NETWORK INTERNATIONAL, a network committed to raising leaders with revolutionary mindset. Thus, encouraging, energizing and empowering them for greatness. He has been committed to developing and empowering especially the youth to use their God-given potentials to fulfill purpose and destiny.

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