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I never knew what love was all about until i felt this feeling run through my spine. I thought it was crazy to be in love until I became a victim of its super grip. I used to wonder if people had gone mad when they say such until i fell for this never-let-go trap.

You will never know this feeling until you are caught in the web. O yes…I was caught! I am so loving this. I thought it can never happen and now I wish it will never go away because without it my whole life would be incomplete. I wonder what sought of weakness and silly attitude mortals put up; all in the name that their love left them.

Like they say in our local parlance “who no go no know” meaning “if you have not been there, you would never understand how it is” now I am there and have had the real taste of what it is to be in love.

Wait a minute…do you want to know that special person I’m in love with? I can see that look of inquisitiveness on your face! Alright…

For over ten years I have been madly in love with her. When we started officially dating in 2007, I thought the relationship was not going to last!

Now we are more than a decade just to be modest, and through our intentional intercourse, we gave birth to “The Pinnacle” this baby only survived three years and she died late 2009,  so sad for us but I vowed I will grow my spiritual grace of resurrection to bring her back and my love agreed that she is solidly behind me. What support on earth could I have than this?

In September 2014, we gave birth to a bouncing baby boy named, Succeeding At Your (S.A.Y) Risk and just last month, October 2017, he was three years old, shockingly our three years old boy gave birth this year June, 2017 and named our grandson, SEASONS OF LIFE. We were so amazed at his performance and we decided we will continue till death do us apart. Least I forget, we gave birth to a twin called BECOMING THE BEST STUDENT and WAKE UP just last year October, 2016 who are growing stronger and helping their patronizers become outstanding.

Recently, when we saw how our children are doing, we decided we will not leave each other until death do us apart, for the first time ever,

With this agreement my love for her is on fire, together we will raise a new breed to govern and revolutionize our world.

I am so in love, I never knew that love as this existed until i found one in writing!

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About author

Ignatius Onuoha

Ignatius O. Onuoha is a multifaceted and multitalented young man from Nigeria, a chemical engineer by training, a writer, teacher and inspirational speaker by passion. He is the initiator of MTOP NETWORK INTERNATIONAL, a network committed to raising leaders with revolutionary mindset. Thus, encouraging, energizing and empowering them for greatness. He has been committed to developing and empowering especially the youth to use their God-given potentials to fulfill purpose and destiny.


  1. Dimgba Vincent 8 October, 2017 at 10:52 Reply

    A Man with Vision and Mission, is always seek God’s guidance. I pray to you that God’s presence will be with you. Ride on bro so much love in writing and solving problems.

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