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Never wait till you feel qualified before you act because tomorrow you will want to improve on your today’s best but to not act at all is to deprive yourself that opportunity to learn beyond what you know now.

Never allow the negative reactions of people prevent you from pursuing your dreams. When you become dogged and go after it and chalk the desired success, you will know that people can change their words.

Never bother about what people would say if you embark on that journey of destiny or start up that which has been in your heart because people don’t really care about you, they aren’t through fixing their lives. You are the least on their agenda but whenever you find the relative few who take your growth as their primary concern by all means never forget them when you arrive at your destination.

Never abandone your assignment for anything else because that’s where true happiness lies. When you see people making so-called progress, be informed that they are secretly admiring you and wished they could be dogged like you.

Never get intimidated by today’s game players because they were yesterday’s apprentice, proteges and learners. You too can be tomorrow’s top game player, if you are not intimidated by their performance and achievement today

Never belittle yourself because that positve self-esteem is what you need to climb the ladder of rejection and intimidation to your place at the top.

Never procrastinate what you should be doing now because you may be indirectly holding back your glory.

You will rise
You will rule
You will reign

Only when you are Succeeding At Your (S.A.Y) Risk!

About author

Ignatius Onuoha

Ignatius O. Onuoha is a multifaceted and multitalented young man from Nigeria, a chemical engineer by training, a writer, teacher and inspirational speaker by passion. He is the initiator of MTOP NETWORK INTERNATIONAL, a network committed to raising leaders with revolutionary mindset. Thus, encouraging, energizing and empowering them for greatness. He has been committed to developing and empowering especially the youth to use their God-given potentials to fulfill purpose and destiny.

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