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Our true definition is not what we do but why we do what we do. History is replete with men who did not just only extraordinary things but shocking things that baffles the human minds. Such that when we look at the pioneers in terms of their physical look, we see men who we never thought could do such things either good or bad.

In August 2013, I was challenged by the statement made by the Leader of the MR23 Peace Keepers (Rebel Fighters) in Mali on the Aljazeera Network, He said “It is not the fighting, but the cause for which you are fighting is the most important element” This was an eye opener for me. It is not what I do but why I do what I do. Are you working in your company just to make money? Are you teaching in that school just to earn money only? Why are you where you are? If your motive is distorted you are bound to produce a distorted result.

Before you do anything, first ask yourself “What goal would I achieve by doing this, how many people can I reach to bless by doing this?” some have left their noble profession to strategically trail this path. The only way you can totally overhaul a faulty system is to know why you are there. You can achieve much in a short time because of this factor. There are some of your colleagues who hadn’t spent as much time like you yet they’ve made great impact than you are. Do you know why? Tomorrow topic will tell us. God bless you

Enjoy your day

2017…we rule.reign.rise!

© Succeeding At Your Risk, April 2017 #39

About author

Ignatius Onuoha

Ignatius O. Onuoha is a multifaceted and multitalented young man from Nigeria, a chemical engineer by training, a writer, teacher and inspirational speaker by passion. He is the initiator of MTOP NETWORK INTERNATIONAL, a network committed to raising leaders with revolutionary mindset. Thus, encouraging, energizing and empowering them for greatness. He has been committed to developing and empowering especially the youth to use their God-given potentials to fulfill purpose and destiny.

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